The Do it Yourself (DIY) approach can be used for many functions within the ADS Debt Settlement Program.  Below is an explanation of why the ADS Debt Settlement approach makes more sense than hiring a debt negotiation company.


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Top 6 Reasons the ADS Debt Settlement

Approach Makes Sense


Reason #1:  Excessive Fees!


When the industry was started about 10 years ago the fee structure was on a success oriented basis meaning commissions or fees were charged on the amount of savings the company was successful in negotiating for their client.  Now fees are 12-15% of the total principle balance before any effort is made to work on your account.  Usually the fees are prorated over the first year of the contract but some companies take their fees over the first 3 or 4 months.  This is money that cannot be used for settlement purposes.  Some companies also charge a start up fee and monthly service charges.




ADS Answer:  We charge a one time fee for access to our entire online Debt Settlement Training and Coaching System.  You will receive a membership to our website that explains the ins and outs of the entire Debt Settlement industry.  Our program will show you how to work the system to position your accounts in a way that your creditors will want to settle with you for 35-50% of the total amount.  The membership will also allow you access to our client forum where you can share experiences and successes with other site members.  You can also post questions for our in-house experts for any further advise you may need.




Reason #2:  More creditors refuse to work with debt settlement companies:


Their point is that the high fees should be better used to apply against any debt. For example, you owe $25000.00 on 5 cards at $5000.00 per card.  Your upfront fee to a debt settlement company for professional services may cost you as much as $3750.00 or more.



ADS Answer:  With our low one time fee you have more of your money to apply to your debts, which will allow you to become debt free sooner and at less cost.  Recently both MBNA (now Bank of America) and Citibank have announced their refusal to deal with debt settlement companies.  To get around this roadblock, the debt settlement companies are having their clients call on their own after a training lesson.  This is what ADS is all about.




Reason #3:  More and more regulations are being forced on the industry by various federal and state regulators:


In 2004 the Federal Trade Commission shut down one of the largest credit counseling and debt settlement companies for charging millions of dollars in erroneous fees.  The following states have either banned the use of or severely reduced the activities of debt settlement companies:  Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Minnesota, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah, and Wisconsin.



ADS Answer:  ADS will provide you with the proper training and coaching to negotiate a settlement on your own.  We do not escrow any of your funds, and we charge a fair fee for our system.  Therefore, the before mentioned restrictions do not apply.




Reason #4:  Graduation Rates!


The debt settlement companies are very aware of this, and that is why they want their fees upfront.  You know how unpredictable your financial situation can be, what you think you can do today can often change by tomorrow.  You might work the program for a year and may have settled 1 or 2 accounts but what if you have to stop the process.  Where are you now financially?  Your accounts are now a year older with hardly any money to settle because you paid the Debt Settlement company their fees upfront based on your total debt.  



ADS Answer:  Since our fee is low, there is no risk by dropping out of the program .  With our online training and coaching tutorials, you now have the knowledge to manage on your own debt and you can start and stop the process as your financial situation dictates. 





Reason #5:  Debt Settlement company professionals claim they can dictate to the creditors sizable discounts on your debt. 


This is simply not true!  Debt settlement companies work in the same arena as other debtors and have no influence on the collection or debt reduction practices of the large credit card companies 



ADS Answer:  Our system will show you how to approach the process in a serious business like manner, which will impress both you and your creditor.  The debt settlement process is complicated but our program has broken down the entire process making it more simple and easy to understand.  With our online tutorials and sample you will have everything you need to reduce your debt  Our program will help you through the entire debt reduction process so you can plan on how and what to say to the creditor when you receive a phone call.





Reason #6:  Most debt settlement companies will set up your set aside money in an escrow account that they control. 


You send them your monthly payments and they make the payments to your creditors,  after their fees have been satisfied.  This means that it will take longer for you to become debt free.



ADS Answer:  You may want to set up your private account in the bank that you choose.  It is important to manage these accounts based on you financial abilities.  With the ADS Program we will cover how this whole process works.  Sign up today and become debt free.










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